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Buyers Guide.

Buying a mobile home is not as straight forward as one might think. There are many consideration to take in to account, so we will try to give you an idea what to look out for.

  1. Location, it is vital that you find a location that is right for you and your family. By this we mean that the park you choose is a distance from your home that you will be comfortable commuting to and that the area provides you with services that you might require such as, shop, pub, beach, golf, taxi to name a few.
  2. Park, find out what facilities are on the park, things such as, controlled entrance, play ground, games room, playing field, laundry and take away. It is also important to ascertain if there are additional charges for electric, rubbish and water. These along with the general rules and regulation are very important to know.
  3. Cost, each park will have a year’s fee and some parks charge an entrance fee at the time you buy your mobile home. Some parks even charge an exit fee when you leave so make sure you find out all the cost associated with each park before you buy.
  4. Mobile home, the best way to buy is through a dealer; they will provide a complete service and provide you with valuable advice throughout the process. The two most important things to remember are, what am I buying and how much it is costing, if the two do not equate to each other the something is not right. Buying a mobile home on a site very often means you are paying too much for it.
  5. Commissioning, whenever you buy a mobile home it is vital that you make sure only properly trained and registered installer’s commission all the services. This is the Law and is important for the safety of the end user.


Most people finance a mobile home with their own funds. And sometimes people finance them through their own banks; we find The Credit Union is very often the source of funds for mobile homes.

Maintenance and repair

At Kenneally’s we provide a mobile home repair service for all warranty issues and have a huge network of contact throughout Ireland who provide many repair services to the caravan industry. We also sell mobile home accessories such as skylights and mobile home water heaters. It is important that all mobile homes are drained down for the winter and that all recommendations from the manufacture are carried out in relation to the maintained of your mobile home.

Transport / delivery

All of our mobile homes are delivered and sited to the highest standards with our trained staff using specially designed equipment for the job. All deliveries are fully insured until the job has been completed. We pride ourselves in our delivery and siteing work.


Most people put their mobile home on to their house insurance but some companies will take them on as a standalone policy. We provide valuations for insurance quotes if required.


Decking can add another demotion to your mobile home experience. We work with a company called Deck by Design who has built decks for many of our customers over the last few years. Contact them on 021 4646407 or by email www.deckbydesign.ie.