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Preparing Your Mobile Home for Winter

All though the weather has been fairly mild to this point forecasters are predicting that Ireland is set for its coldest winter in years, to safe guard your mobile home from damage below is a general guide to DIY winter preparation for mobile homes.


  1. Turn off the LPG gas supply at the cylinder.
  2. Turn off the water supply at the stop tap.
  3. Open drain off outlets under the floor.
  4. Open all hot and cold taps.
  5. Remove drain off screw from the water heater using a bucket to catch any drops of water. Store the screw safely. Refer to the drain off instructions for a combi boiler central heating system in your owner’s handbook and ensure the thermostatic mixer valves in the showers have been drained correctly in accordance with the instructions.
  6. Flush the toilet(s).
  7. Once the water has drained close off all drain outlets and taps.
  8. Pour anti freeze into the toilet pan, U bend, sink basin and shower waste traps. Avoid spillage.
  9. Switch off and unplug all electrical appliances.
  10. Remove all food. Thoroughly vacuum all carpets and vinyl to remove any traces of food, and empty the vacuum cleaner.
  11. Wipe all kitchen surfaces clean.
  12. Check locks and hinges and lubricate if necessary.
  13. Clear external gutters of any leaf matter of other debris.
  14. Close and secure all windows ensuring curtains are not trapped and are hanging freely.
  15. It is advisable to place cushions and mattresses separately on end or on edge to allow free movement of air around them. Where cushions may be exposed to direct winter sunlight a dust sheet or similar cover will help protect against fading of the fabric.
  16. Open all interior doors and drawers to allow free flow of air to all parts of the mobile home. This helps to eliminate pockets of warm/cold air that could act as natural dehumidifiers and attract condensation.
  17. Finally secure all exterior doors.
  18. If you visit your caravan during the winter period, it is advisable not to warm the caravan up using the gas fire or to boil a kettle. This will produce warm moisture laden air which may condense when the caravan cools and could lead to mould problems on the fabrics or wall boards.

Ideally you should follow all instructions in your owner’s handbook or have the winter preparation for your mobile home done by a professional. 

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